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App submission legal woes
June 24, 2009

Apple is stompin’ down on any possible legal issues with applications. We created a free app, Wookiee Translator, just for kicks, and we are having a hard time getting it past Apple’s approval team.

I admit it is using a copyrighted franchise as its main basis, but here’s the inside scoop: We want to deal with Lucasfilm on this one, not our babysitter, Apple.

Here why: The app is a simple concept. Hold the record button, say something into the mic, and it is magically translated into the Wookiee language (Shyriiwook for all you hardcores) and played back to you. We think the big shots might make a really successful marketing app from this concept.

But, being an independent development team, it is impossible to market our idea to a large corporation – unless you grab their legal team’s attention. This is essentially what “PhoneSaber” did, and THQ Wireless (The mobile rights holders for anything Star Wars) liked the idea and released an official version.

Of course this could backfire and we all could be sued. But Apple, let us make that foolish business decision!