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Thanks, PandoraBox…
June 26, 2009

I have to give a shout out to the creators of the better-than-the-app-store application, PandoraBox.

In it’s first day on the store, our new app Wookiee Translator has received more attention from their app than anywhere else. They do an excellent job of organizing and keeping track of new apps and new price drops, and their model put us right near the top of the list.


Here, Wookiee Translator is listed about 20 from the top of New Free Apps. Here’s an email I got tonight:

“Had a sh***y day… Very gloomy.
Was going through pandora box and I found the wookie translator.
I, literally, laughed aloud twice and couldn’t wait to forward it off to all my friends.
Thanks for making my day better.”

That made our day better too!