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Chronicling our App – Day 2
June 27, 2009


Wow, things are just getting better! ¬†Yesterday’s downloads reached 1,941.

The App Store economics is completely new to us, but I think downloads going up is a good thing. Actually, the reason I say that is because on day one, you get some free promotion and some “top-of-the-list” spots that quickly disappear by day two, as new apps drown out your shine.

But if your App has a steady increase as the days and weeks go on, you know you’ve got an app with some appeal… good search interest, word of mouth, maybe a review or two on third party blogs. It all helps you get noticed and keep the masses interested.

*On a side note, while we’re working on our legitimate apps, we’re trying to put together a couple more¬†“Translators” just for the fun of it. We’ll keep you posted.


Chronicling our iPhone App – Day 1
June 27, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised today to see Day One stats for our free Wookiee Translator App on the Apple iTunes App Store:

# of downloads:
USA, 735
And a few other countries, 11

835 is a crazy number – higher than we were expecting for sure. But it’s still a Pixel in the Apple Cinema Display of applications on the store, 52,355 as of yesterday.

Thanks to everyone, and we’re really enjoying the appreciative & suggestive e-mails. Keep them coming!

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