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Chronicling our App – Day 3 & 4
June 29, 2009

So the Wookiee Translator is not available on the store anymore. For now.

Angered Wookiee

Day 3 downloads: 2,029; Day 4 downloads: 2,674; Total so far: Over 7500 (in under 4 days)

We’ve received a steady stream of e-mails, as well. Here’s a few of them:

>>> “Effing amazing app. Makes me laugh Everytime I use it. My friends and family love to hear it. It deserves a big LMFAO.¬†Sent from my iPhone”

>>>”Just a quick congratulatory message about your app. Great fun thanks.”

And to keep us humble: >>> “Its a peace of crap” Haha, we love that one.

So all-in-all we brought some smiles to faces. Hopefully you haven’t seen the last of the Wookiee Translator, either! Also, I’m going to post how to detect the hardware state of the mute switch, so stay tuned.