The Reason why iPhone App Submission is Unpredictable…

June 9, 2009 - Leave a Response

The iPhone App submission process can be a frustrating one for many developers. The following statistic was mentioned at WWDC 2009 today: “Every 10 minutes, an App is added to the store.” But how many in this same 10 minutes are rejected?

Many. In fact, it’s surprising how many iPhone Apps are processed for approval or rejection considering the size of the review team: just 20 people make up the Apple App Store review team! And generally speaking, these are average Joe’s and Sue’s, paid minimum wage to sift hour after hour through piles of applications. Mmm… sounds fun.

Also, the employee turnover rate is around 50% each month. So, if your App had a baseless rejection, you can resubmit in good confidence the same person will probably never look at your app again.

Also keep in mind these workers would rather reject an appropriate app, than approve an app that could cause a stir (or should I say shake?)


Wookiee Translator Submitted for Review

May 18, 2009 - Leave a Response

Actually, it was posted early Saturday morning. With the long weekend, I am fully expecting it to take longer than the average 7 days review time. Keep an eye out for our first App experiement, “Wookiee Translator.” It is free. And it does exactly what you would expect it to: Translates anything you say into Wookiee! (Actually, the language of Shiriiwook, to be precise.)

I can’t wait for Mr. George Lucas’s legal team to ion-cannon this oh-so-nerdy app to pieces.

Live long and prosp-  uh…I mean, may the force be with you!